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Medical Bulletin

This publication positions the University of Minnesota Medical School as a national leader, giving physical form to the school’s excellence and innovation. It is delivered to alumni, faculty, students, community leaders, and donors.

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The Challenge

The University of Minnesota Foundation supports health-related research and education at the University of Minnesota. It funds and produces the Medical Bulletin, which goes to Medical School alumni, faculty, students, donors, governmental and community leaders, and CEOs of local companies. Intended to position the Medical School as a national leader and innovator, particularly in research, the magazine had a diffuse structure and “juvenile” look and feel that undermined the positioning intent. The foundation decided a redesign was in order.

The Solution

The redesigned Medical Bulletin is both more sophisticated and more structured than its predecessor. The cover features a single, eye-catching image to illustrate the theme of each issue, with feature stories previewed along the bottom. The contents page provides both a visual and editorial introduction to the feature stories. The page grid helps organize the content while leaving ample room for variation. Feature stories are given more visual prominence, and regular departments are color-coded for easy identification.

The Results

From cover to cover, the Medical Bulletin gives physical form to the University’s excellence, and highlights its dynamic and pioneering work. According to Susan Cozzolino, Medical Bulletin editor at the time of the redesign, response has been very positive with circulation increasing to accommodate demand.


When the mail arrived the other day, the Medical Bulletin almost literally demanded my attention. So often publications from institutions are easily dismissed because they look… well… institutional. Not the Bulletin. It grabs you by the lapels and says, “Read me!” I did read it, and the articles and graphics were as vibrant as the cover.
— Greg Howard, Minnesota Medical Foundation Board of Trustees