Necessary Evil

Three black devil icons on a red background for Necessary Evil blog post

Almost any method of hiring a consultant is better than the RFP.

Pattern Hunting

Photo of a group of sheep with black sheep looking at the camera – from the blog post Pattern Hunting

Designers study existing patterns and diverse perspectives to generate new ideas.

The River Parable

Photo of placid stream in a mountain setting from The River Parable blog post

We often get the wrong answers because we are asking the wrong questions.

CLA Magazine

Detail of cover illustration for the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts magazine

New work for the College of Liberal Arts celebrates its students’ impact and donors’ generosity.

5K Lessons Learned

Close-up photo of a running shoes and a race bib from blog post 5K Lessons Learned

Running a race and working on a difficult design problem impart some of the same lessons.

The Rule of 20-10-5

Three young people on colorful clothes from the Rule of 20-10-5 blog post

The biggest obstacle to making an impression is rarely a lack of information.