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College of Science & Engineering
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Curiosity Drives Progress
It always starts with a question. Fueled by a passion to solve tough problems and improve the human condition, students and faculty know that these challenges create opportunities —and the leaders of tomorrow. At the College of Science and Engineering, curiosity drives progress.

The College of Science & Engineering (CSE) has a long tradition of tackling society’s greatest challenges. The College’s distinct blend of engineering, the physical sciences, and mathematics, combined with its Twin Cities location and excellent reputation, attracts the University’s highest achieving students and faculty. To support its growth and continued excellence, CSE launched a fundraising campaign.

The case for the campaign is made through a series of questions that illustrate the curiosity, creativity, and collaboration of its students in printed materials, customizable inserts, and video.


Raise $150 million in five years.

Turn a bevy of statistics into a stronger emotional appeal for ongoing and increased private support of the college.

Increase alumni engagement.


The five-year campaign exceeded its $150 million goal in slightly less than three years.

This work definitely contributed significantly to the success of our campaign. Woychick Design was always very responsive, and did a great job of carrying the project all the way through to the end.

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