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Detail of cover collage illustration for the CLA 150th anniversary magazine
150th Anniversary Magazine
To cap a year-long celebration, the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts (CLA) published a magazine for its alumni and friends. CLA students ask big questions encompassing academic disciplines and endeavors that span the human condition. The magazine highlights the interdisciplinary nature of living and learning, while pointing toward the next 150 years.

By preparing students to think independently, work collaboratively, and question constantly, CLA is shattering expectations for what the liberal arts can be. Whether tackling climate change, economic inequality, race relations, or other pressing issues, CLA graduates are asking the questions that move us forward. The magazine enhances understanding and appreciation of this work by presenting stories in new and unexpected ways.


Connect with CLA alumni in a new way.

Increase visibility and recognition of the college.

Mark the anniversary with a product product that exceeds expectations while maintaining budget discipline.


We got great reader responses from the publication. Influential alumni and donors reached out to the dean to say how impressed they were.

Tessa Eagan, Director of Marketing & Communications

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