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College of Liberal Arts
CLA Reach magazine – Disruptive Thinking feature image
The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) asks enduring questions that encompass academic disciplines and endeavors spanning the human condition. Its alumni magazine demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of living in the 21st Century, and shatters expectations for what a liberal arts education can be.

We were asked to refresh the design of the magazine to unify each issue around a featured theme – including CLA’s role in the study of science and technology, how students and faculty are working toward peace, and the lasting impact of disruptive thinking. The photography and illustration is as engaging and diverse as the college’s students, faculty, and alumni. And their stories illuminate the college’s goal to do the most good for others.


Connect with CLA alumni through stories that demonstrate the impact of its students and faculty.

Increase recognition of the liberal arts’ vital role in society.

Highlight successful outcomes of philanthropic support.


The magazine was well-received by alumni and friends, and recognized for design and editorial excellence within the University and beyond.

Dan is incisive — he finds a way to express core concepts with simple elegance. He doesn't hide his intelligent insights — he speaks his mind – but is at the same time easy to work with. I have happily recommended him to other organizations for print as well as website design.

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