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Brand Identity, Publication
black-and-white photo of kids in a Haitian classroom - photo by Scott Streble
Photography for Good
Scott Streble is a Minneapolis-based location photographer who is best known for his documentary photographs of people. He portrays his subjects with beautiful realism, honesty, and utmost dignity. Regardless of budget, Scott believes that all nonprofit groups deserve good photography that accurately portrays their mission. His new brand identity helps tell that story.

The new identity perfectly matches the sort of work I do. Dan gave me a myriad of options to use in promoting my work.

Front Porch Portraits

The front porch portrait series began as a way to both connect people and record history through the COVID-19 quarantine. The photos gave people a chance to participate in a larger cause, providing a feeling of togetherness, and illustrating the many ways to be a family and a community.

We helped turn the collection of portraits into a 120-page, limited-edition photo book through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Not only did Dan encourage me to do this book, he guided every step of its production. In addition to doing the design, he organized the Kickstarter campaign, promoted the project throughout his network, offered invaluable suggestions, and supervised the printing. This book would have not happened without him.


Update the brand to better reflect Scott’s work with nonprofit organizations.

Create an artifact that captures life in quarantine, connecting people through a common cause and Scott’s portraits.

Increase recognition of Scott’s documentary-style photography.

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$17,000+ raised through Kickstarter to print the book, with 258 backers pledging 111% of the campaign goal.

Media coverage of the project on PBS, Minnesota Public Radio, StarTribune, MSP Magazine, and Fox Morning Buzz (among others).

95% of the limited-edition books have been sold.

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