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NSU Answers – Enrollment Campaign
Choosing a path toward a college degree is complicated. Northeastern State University (NSU) makes the process easier – whether you’re looking for a traditional residential college experience or part-time courses while you work. NSU delivers the right courses at the right time in the right place at the right price.

NSU’s enrollment had declined more than 16% over the previous four years. The school was budgeting for a continued decline and a $600,000 revenue shortfall for the coming school year. With applications lagging even those conservative estimates, we were asked to help launch a campaign to reverse the decline.

We launched NSU Answers, positioning the school as a trusted ally – a go-to resource ready to respond to any questions and needs a prospective student might have. We made it easy for prospects to inquire, and connect them quickly with NSU recruiters.


Drive enrollment growth.

Get undecided prospects to inquire about NSU.

Reach traditional and non-traditional students who are late deciders.

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In three months, NSU’s enrollment grew 5%, generating more than $1 million in new tuition revenue. Enrollment grew another 6% in the spring semester.

Our admissions team can feel the momentum changing. The president’s leadership council gives the lion’s share of the credit for our enrollment numbers to this marketing campaign. The strategy and tactics have been spot on.

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