Minnesota Literacy Coalition

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Because of great disparities across the state, many are unaware of the scope and severity of the literacy problem. The Minnesota Literacy Coalition is a group of 60+ education leaders working to improve literacy outcomes – grounded in the Science of Reading.

When family and friends are proficient readers, literacy is almost invisible, and issues can go unaddressed or be misunderstood.

Students who cannot read by the end of third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school. In Minneapolis, fewer than 33% of Indigenous, Black, and Latinx students are reading at grade level compared to more than 75% of white students.

The website design is intended to clarify a difficult challenge with copy and navigation that prompts action, not just nodding in agreement.


Connect people who want to improve literacy with the resources needed to do it.

Increase awareness of literacy challenges – and successful interventions.

Invite people to join the coalition, attend events, and become literacy advocates.

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Since the coalition launched, site traffic, e-news subscriptions, and event registrations have grown significantly.

Our brand new website has given us the presence we needed to grow our coalition. The beautiful and easy to navigate site has inspired nearly 50 people to join the movement in just the first few months.

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