LSS Financial Counseling

Brand Identity
LSS Financial Counseling – father and son looking to the future
Conquer Your Debt
Few things are more painful than facing substantial debt with no hope, no plan, and no confidence. LSS Financial Counseling (LSS) empowers people to take control of their debt and get back on sound financial footing again.

Declines in the number of people seeking its services – despite nationwide increases in personal debt – caused LSS Financial Counseling to reconsider the brand’s position, and seek a better understanding of its target audiences’ attitudes and perceptions toward managing debt.

We conducted in-depth interviews with LSS counselors, staff, clients, and people who were candidates for debt counseling, but had yet to sign up. Those insights were captured in a new logo, tagline, templates, and brand and messaging guidelines for both internal and external communications.


Evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s name and messaging.

Establish a clear and compelling brand identity.

Move prospects to take action through targeted marketing communications.


Debt management plan participation increased by nearly 30% in the first year after the brand was launched.

The biggest impact for us has been the brand guide. Because Woychick Design helped us understand our target audience, our brand personality, and our key messages, even as our marketing materials evolve our brand stays strong and consistent.

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