Full Cycle

Brand Identity, Website
Full Cycle mechanic working on a bike with colorful spray-painted mural in background
Bikes that Give Back
Full Cycle is a nonprofit bicycle shop in south Minneapolis that employs and teaches homeless youth bike repair and business skills. Every bike they sell supports a better future and a life off the streets for kids who have nowhere else to turn. After growing slowly for several years, Full Cycle felt that one way to increase the program’s reach and impact was with improved branding and marketing.

We created a new logo, website, building graphics, and branded merchandise to build awareness for the bike shop and generate more revenue. Additionally, we developed a content strategy and communications plan that was intuitive and manageable for a small and busy staff.


Design a recognizable brand identity and the guidelines to help manage it.

Design and build a new website to facilitate internship applications, inspire donors, and reach new customers.

Make the case for support to new funders and partners.


Since we began our relationship with Full Cycle, revenue has grown threefold, full-time staff has doubled, and they have acquired a second location.

Thanks to Woychick Design, Full Cycle now has a recognizable brand, which has helped to increase our earned income as well as our ability to secure funding from larger foundations and corporations. As a result, we continue to grow and expand our services to more young people who are ready to change their lives for the better.

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