Freshwater Society

Brand Identity
Photo of a crystal clear stream
Every drop matters
No matter where you live, you have waterfront property. But, increasingly, our water is threatened by population growth and land use. The Freshwater Society works as a trusted adviser and leader to preserve and conserve freshwater resources in Minnesota.
Every Drop Matters

Through decades of leadership on groundwater sustainability and non-point pollution, Freshwater earned a reputation as a trusted information source and partner to freshwater advocates. But they were often only preaching to the choir – fellow policy wonks.

We conducted market research, and refreshed the organization’s look and messaging to more visibly position them as an educator, adviser, and collaborative leader for freshwater in Minnesota.


Define and refine brand position and message to increase impact.

Turn credible research into clear action steps to promote behavior change and improve water quality.

Seek new opportunities for collaboration.


The key messages you identified have helped tremendously to focus precise wording of what we do and why. We’ve landed three foundation grants we never had before! Plus developed a whole new revenue stream off our facilitation skills and experience.

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