Bell Museum of Natural History

Bell Museum, Prairie Exhibit, University of Minneasota
Case for Support
The Bell Museum is on a mission to ignite curiosity and wonder, explore our connections to nature and the universe, and create a better future for our evolving world. It is a place to visit again and again – across generations and across cultures. As this piece illustrates, it is a place worth supporting.

There is a nostalgic appreciation for the Bell Museum’s beautiful dioramas, as well as a love for the state’s abundant natural resources and wildlife. Revitalized by its new building, the Bell was nevertheless hindered by some dated perceptions of its significance as a state resource and cultural attraction, and its importance as an accelerator for scientific discovery.


The modular system of fundraising materials is designed to inspire exploration and understanding that mimics the experience of a visit to the museum.

The work is intended to help expand the donor base to reach or exceed its $15 million campaign goal.


Working with Woychick Design has been a fantastic partnership. They were really invested in our project, taking it to a place we couldn’t have imagined. Their work has allowed us to get our proposals and solicitations out faster, which is key to making donors feel like they’re making an impact. The dynamic design is “coffee table” worthy, and sets us apart from others now.

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