With the broad array of communication channels and ever-changing technology, how can one person stay on top of it all? We peer into our crystal ball for this humorous look at the future of non-profit marketing.

Close-up image of Star Trek's Dr. McCoy


Where do designers work?
Language is fluid, and predictive, as this evolution of the designer’s native environment shows.


detail of a website home page
Website prototype
Are words necessary in the 21st Century? On the web, the world is surprisingly coherent without them.

cartoon of aliens at a cafe: This place has great word of mouth
Word of mouth

As Darwin pointed out, we are an adaptive species. In a few more generations, it will become much easier to identify your influential customers.

Two people discussing magazine launch in a satiric animated video
Magazine launch

Will strategy triumph in this animated satire of the tactics-obsessed marketer?

Close-up of QR code in magazine table of contents
Do smartphones make dumb readers?

Who needs paper, ink, or words? This one-page magazine of the future needs only QR codes to deliver content to its readers. After all, over 6% of U.S. mobile users have scanned a code!