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Making Great Ideas Happen

February 16, 2022

If you’ve ever undertaken a do-it-yourself home repair, it would be wise to heed the carpenters’ advice: “Measure twice, cut once.” Literally, it means that to avoid wasting time and material, you should double-check measurements for accuracy before cutting a piece of wood. In essence, though, it means to plan and prepare for something in a careful, thorough manner before taking action.

Once you’ve wiped off the sawdust and returned to the office, the same approach applies.

There are many challenging problems in the world. And plenty of smart people. What is often missing is a reliable way to turn those ideas into action. With our project planning toolkit, you’ll be making great ideas happen more often.

Flying blind

Psychologists have long identified pattern recognition as essential to human intelligence. We’ve worked with mission-driven organizations long enough to recognize that some patterns are more important than others:

  • Leaders tend to overestimate how much people – both internally and externally – know about the organization and its direction.
  • Many who succeed never take the time to study and reflect on why it happened.
  • They also often assume that what worked this time will work next time.

Ready. Fire. Aim.

Context matters

The environment in which leaders find themselves today is more challenging and complex than ever before. There are fewer face-to-face interactions, and seemingly more biases that separate us across cultural, gender, and generational lines. And, thanks to the pandemic, everyone is pretty stressed out.

Trying to solve problems using a rigid, step-by-step process does not account for the realities of human behavior. There is no one-size-fits-all.

A more measured approach

Successful projects require an ability to gather information, analyze options, and develop empathy for the people you serve. Your ideas are only as good as your questions – and the ability to engage stakeholders in generating solutions.

  • What is the nature of your problem?
  • Who experiences this problem?
  • What do you know about the problem? What do you need to learn?
  • How will things be better if this problem goes away?

We believe design can be a force for good. That’s why we developed our project planning toolkit to help more mission-driven organizations make great ideas happen. The process is time-tested, dynamic, and scalable to work with organizations – and problems – both big and small.

We hope this toolkit helps you ask better questions, gain fresh insights, and achieve new levels of success.

Get our FREE planning toolkit, and go make great ideas happen!

Dan Woychick is a problem solver, creative collaborator, and owner of Woychick Design. He helps purpose-driven organizations raise awareness, inspire donors, and move people to action. Connect here: Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

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